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Two to Tango in Style

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Day three dawned; a glorious night of Tango-inspired fun waited to be discovered.

Jenny with Hector Mayoral, the most famous living Tango dancer

But this morning's schedule was low-key and consisted of various stages of relaxation. After sleeping in, I spent some time poolside to soak up some rays and read a magazine. At noon, I took advantage of my complimentary massage bestowed upon me by the Four Seasons.

After the massage, Joe and I readied ourselves for lunch. Our Condé Nast Traveler trip specialist, Maita Barrenechea, arranged for us to meet up with her family, which was a lovely experience.

Following our meal, we visited the Evita Museum to understand more of the dynamics of her life and legacy. Afterward, our driver paraded us through various areas of Palermo to view the charming cafes.

Lunch with Maita and her beautiful family Evita Museum

After a short nap and change of clothes at the Four Seasons, we were whisked away to Tango lessons. When I say lessons, I mean we were learning from the best. When I say the best, I mean Hector Mayoral and Elsa Maria -- these dancers have hosted the likes of Frank Sinatra, Princess Diana, Madonna and Liza Minnelli. They even made their debut on Broadway, capturing the Tony Award for Best Choreographers.

Despite their impressive background, they were more than welcoming to me, an absolute Tango amateur. The dance steps were simple enough, but with dancing, it's the finesse that only comes with experience that makes it look easy. Through blood, sweat and tears, I learned several moves to make me appear more legitimate, provided I was with the right lead.

Hector Mayoria and Elsa Maria Jenny's first Tango lesson Jenny and Joe learn some Tango moves

At the close of the lesson, there was a surprise waiting for me. A Ford Model A was idling in the street, ready for us to embark on a nostalgic journey through Buenos Aires. The wind whipped through my hair as we cruised along the avenues. After a brief stop at the legendary Cafe Tortoni, the oldest coffee shop in the country, our driver delivered us to the Philippe Starck-designed Faena Hotel + Universe for dinner and a Tango show.

Ford Model A for our nostalgic tour of Buenos Aires Jenny and Joe with the Ford Model A

Wne tasting with top sommelier Valeria Mortara, center Our VIP treatment continued, as a special wine tasting room had been prepared for us, complete with vintages hand-selected by top Argentine sommelier, Valeria Mortara. Some of the wines we sipped were Alma 4 Pinot-Chardonnay, José Luis Mounier Torrontés, and Yacochuya Malbec

Tango Show at Faena Hotel + UniverseAs the Tango show was beginning, the host led us to a table directly in the front corner. Already familiar with tango after my lessons, I truly appreciated the skill of the professional dancers throughout the show. I couldn't name just one favorite scene, but I did appreciate "Roxanne," similar to the scene from the film Moulin Rouge.

After a great evening, it is time for bed once again. Tomorrow, it's off to Uruguay -- the beach retreat of South America. Can't wait to see what is in store!

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Written on Saturday, 12 January 2013 00:00 by Jenny Kerr

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