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Jaunting Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

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Looking for some last minute Christmas Gifts? Read on for some ideas for the Jaunting girl in your life...

Jaunting Gifts

Neck Pillow Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

Instead of carrying around a bulky pillow, why not deflate it when not in use? great idea for people who tend to overpack, like me.

OlloclipOlloclip 3-in-1 Lens
for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5

This is my go to lens for any travel photos, especially if I am trying to get a lot of surroundings in one shot. The three lenses include a fisheye, wide angle and macro. Simply slide the attachment over your iPhone, (case must be removed) and start snapping. The new Olloclip for the iPhone 5 was just recently released in time for Christmas. Olloclips can be found on-line or call your local Target to see if they carry it.

iPhone Charging caseEnergizer iPhone Charging Case

If you're taking pictures while on the road, chances are, the iPhone camera will drain your battery. Suddenly you're left without a phone or a camera. Never fear, bringing along the iPhone charging case will boost your phone's battery at almost full charge. It has come in handy during those panic moments where you realize the battery is at 10% or less.

Cinched Coat Short Black Warm Cinched Coat

Trust me, any traveler that plans on visiting a cold destination will want a warm coat. They will also want one that can work with wedges or flat boots. The cinching still allows us girls to keep our figure even when we are wearing 10 layers of long johns. After returning from a trip to windy Chicago, I truly realized the value of heavily insulated outerwear.

travel adapter Universal Travel Adapter

What's more annoying than having a low battery in another country? When you realize your plug won't fit in the outlet. Well this solves the problem for most locations. I would consider buying more than one of these since you will probably need to charge or use several devices at the same time.

hooked umbrella Hooked Travel Umbrella

Umbrellas are great for shading the sun, keeping rain off and shielding your face from the cold snow. But sometimes, there is not enough room for an umbrella in your purse, plus, once you use it, liquid drips back in to my bag. A great solution is having an umbrella with a hook that you can attach to the strap of your purse. It essentially hangs on the outside and helps keep your belongings dry.

rain boots Sleek Rain Boots

Having comfortable, functional and stylish shoes are hard to come by. These shoes look great at anytime but you will always be prepared for a pop-up shower when out and about.

groovy tentGroovy Tent

Who said camping had to be boring? No one! And this tent is sure to bring curious stares as you make camp in your backyard or on the trail somewhere.


A versatile purse is great for travel. I love having a strap to sling over my shoulder to keep my belongings close to me to prevent pick-pocketing. I used something similar to this when traveling in South America, where petty theft can be very common.

ViaStarbucks Via- Instant Coffee

Nothing beats a freshly brewed cup of coffee at a local charming cafe, but sometimes you just want a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up. If I am not staying in a hotel, I tend to always bring Starbuck's Via with me as a quick pick-me-up. It's not great compared to the real stuff, but it's the best instant I have ever had.

iPod SpeakersPortable Speakers

If you're a music nut like me and my sisters, having the right playlist while on vacation really enhances your experience and may help you remember or recall points of your trip well after you've returned home. One of my best memories was sitting on a balcony in Rome, sipping wine and listening to "Arrivederci Roma" serenading me from Jill's iPhone speakers.

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