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Feeling Scholarly in Oxford, Ohio

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Just beyond the rolling farm hills of southwest Ohio lies a diamond in the rough.

High Street in Oxford, Ohio

Oxford, Ohio is a storybook college town, and although not gothic like its British counterpart, it still appears to have been transplanted from a classic film and staged here in real life.

I took the time to drive over the river and through the woods, past Cincinnati, to the hometown of Miami University, one of the nation's emerging academic frontrunners. The town of Oxford and the university are so intertwined that it's difficult to distinguish one from the other.

My sister Jill was sick, so I invited my boyfriend Joe along as my guide since he is a proud graduate of Miami and holds a special affinity to the town where he created so many cherished memories. Our first stop along the way was the Miami University Art Museum. Although it was closed for winter break, I admired the eye-catching steel sculpture perched on the front lawn by artist Mark di Suvero called "For Kepler", a reference to the 17th Century Astronomer. The gallery opens again on January 10th, featuring the "Women in Art Part II" exhibit.

We continued walking through the picturesque campus and made some stops along Western Avenue to view the haunted Peabody Hall, a stone arched bridge and a quaint reflecting pool near the base of the Art Museum.

altBack of the Art Museum, Miami University Peabody Hall

Heading north, we turned uptown on High Street and parked near the Elm Hotel, a favorite with alumni. (Be sure to bring plenty of quarters since meters occupy most parking spots around town.) We stopped into the clever shop, "You're Fired", and admired the bustling of activity going on inside. This paint-your-own-pottery studio has been a hit in town for several years. Be sure to call ahead or visit their website to schedule a session.

Stone Bridge near Western Miami University Elm Hotel You're Fired, Oxford Ohio

We passed by the retro cinema playing the latest Hollywood releases, and some popular local establishments like Kofenya, Bagel and Deli, D.P. Dough and the German pub Steinkeller. On this brisk January day, we ducked inside a charming blue rowhouse called the Kona Bistro. Not only offering a coffee bar and full dinner menu, they also feature an extensive wine list and cocktails, Tom, our bartender, was warm and welcoming while he guided us through the menu. He recommended trying one of the spiked coffees, so we settled on the Irish coffee and the Kioki, complete with frothy whipped cream. Taking a sip out of our steamy mugs, we chuckled as we wiped the white, foamy milk moustaches from our mouths.

Jenny Kerr in front of Kona BistroKona Bistro Interioralt

As we headed on our way, Tom mentioned we should check out the new campus facility, the Goggin Ice Center. Hockey is very popular in this town and fortunately, the university recently built the impressive Ice Center where not only students but also the general public may participate in skating at the rink during most weekends, including Fridays. Skate rentals are available in the lobby for all shoe sizes. If you time it just right, you could also catch a Miami Redhawks hockey match, a powerhouse program that always draws an enthusiastic crowd and national attention.

Oxford will delight all who visit and should not be missed.

Farmer School of Business in OxfordGoggin Ice Center LobbyMain arena at the Goggin Ice Center

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