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  1. Upcoming Italian Roadtrip & Babymoon

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    ... to return to the last location I traveled while pregnant with my first. While our last Italian trip involved my sister Jenny and cousin Amber where we attended the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference in Umbria, ... Monday, 29 September 2014
  2. Last Day in Paradise

    Category: Other Blogs/My Condé Nast Traveler Lexus Trip to South America

    ... They have been absolutely amazing to me. I almost teared up thinking about all of the wonderful adventures I've encountered along the way. What a great way to end my trip. Thank you, Condé Nast Traveler ... Friday, 18 January 2013
  3. Surf's Up in Uruguay

    Category: Other Blogs/My Condé Nast Traveler Lexus Trip to South America

    ... another amazing day in a beautiful locale. Soon it was time to move to the next event, my massage. I used the golf cart to travel uphill to my appointment. The intense massage was ... Wednesday, 16 January 2013
  4. Hyatt Carmel Highlands, Big Sur Coast

    Category: Blogs/Julie

    As I entered my seventh month of pregnancy, my husband and I decided it was time for one last trip... before our third son's scheduled arrival. As any parent knows, there is ne'er a free moment to oneself, ... Wednesday, 11 April 2012
  5. "Two for the Road" European Road Trip

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    ... run on my schedule. And as a traveler who wants to do what I want to do when I want to do it, I decided it was time that Nick and I take the wheel. Literally. And I am convinced that the liberating experience ... Monday, 30 January 2012
  6. Personal Guide to Conquering the Istanbul Baths

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    ... Hamam and would recommend it to any couples looking for a "traditional" experience while traveling in Istanbul. 35386577 On an iPhone? View Jill's Suleymaniye Hamam video at: http://vimeo.com/35386577 ... Friday, 20 January 2012
  7. Plan Your Own Christmas Wine Dinner

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    ... Wellington as my main course. It's fancy and rarely eaten throughout the year. Plus the richness lends itself to different wine pairings. Shape your menu for that year to reflect some of your travels. ... Tuesday, 15 November 2011
  8. Uncle Jimmy's Profile

    Category: Profiles/Cousin Profiles


 Profession: Attorney

 Age: 60

 Status: Married, with children, step-children and grandchildren 

Spouse: Patti Kerr

 Favorite Airport: The one I am departing from

 ... Friday, 14 October 2011
  9. Carson's Profile

    Category: Profiles/Cousin Profiles

    CARSON'S TRAVEL PROFILE Profession: Marketing/ Entrepreneur, Law Student Twitter Handle: @CarsonKerr Age Range: 25-29 Status: Married, with one toddler son and one infant daughter Spouse: Jo Favorite ... Wednesday, 09 March 2011
  10. Travel Movies - Alphabetical

    Category: Resources/Travel Resources

    ... Notes: This is one of the best romantic travel films of all time. It will make you want to take a trans-Atlantic cruise in your best evening wear while sipping Pink Champagne. B The Beach • Locations: ... Monday, 22 November 2010
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