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  1. Trending Spots in Greater Cincinnati

    Category: Cincy/NKY/General

    ... 1071 Celestial Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 • Phone: 513-241-4455 Newport Food/Drinks • Hofbrauhaus - The first location outside of Munich, features an outdoor beer garden. Address: 200 East 3rd Street, ... Thursday, 03 May 2012
  2. Jaunting Conversations about CVG's Future- Part 1

    Category: Cincy/NKY/CVG Series

    ... a range of blog posts lately of some of the most interesting airport amenities in the world. Some bordered on the side of ridiculous, but some ideas were just downright cool. For example, at Munich Airport, ... Thursday, 19 January 2012
  3. Jaunting in a Winter Wonderland

    Category: Seasonal/Winter

    ... Christmas Stroll Through Munich Baths in Budapest in the Snow Great Vantage Point for Christmas Market in Old Town Square, Prague Snowy Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle Slightly Stressful Visit to Salzburg ... Friday, 18 November 2011
  4. The Sound of Salzburg (and Stress!)

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    ... from Munich to Vienna. The allure of Salzburg was too hard to resist, and since I had never visited before, I decided that my husband Nick and I could stop in for a few pleasurable hours. Right. Relying ... Friday, 16 September 2011
  5. Courtney's Profile

    Category: Profiles/Friend Profiles

    ... the Gaylord Palms Resort, Orlando, FL Favorite Airlines:

 Jetblue Typical Departure City: 

RSW Favorite Cities (so far): Munich, London, Antigua(Guatemala), Jerusalem, Rome, Oia (Santorini, Greek ... Tuesday, 23 August 2011
  6. Reasons to Love Europe in Winter

    Category: Blogs/Jenny

    ... booking our flights in October of 2010, we were able to find a multi-city flight out of Dayton, Ohio for around $700 including taxes and fees. Half of our group flew into Munich and the other half flew ... Monday, 01 August 2011
  7. A Liter and a Smile in Munich

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    Munich plays host to numerous breweries, all claiming to serve the most authentic German bier. Since my husband and I yearned to explore this most celebrated aspect of Bavarian culture, we conspired to ... Tuesday, 19 July 2011
  8. Day Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    Whilst visiting Munich, one should not forego a day trip to the famed Neuschwanstein Castle. You might recognize it, if not from history books and castle calendars, then perhaps from childhood -- Walt ... Friday, 08 April 2011
  9. Munich, Germany

    Category: Location/Germany

    Fairytale Christmas in Munich Day Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle A Liter and Smile in Munich: A Brewery Expedition  ... Saturday, 08 January 2011
  10. Fairytale Christmas Stroll in Munich

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    ... traditional dirndls, lakes, steep roofed buildings, and castles galore littering the countryside. At the heart of it all is Munich (München) -- the capital of Bavaria, a bustling city full of modernism ... Saturday, 08 January 2011
  11. Jill - the baby of the family

    Category: Profiles/Sister Profiles

    ... at the Hoptbahnhof in Munich for our direct train to Salzburg with plenty of time. 5 minutes before departure, we find out the train has been changed to take off from Ostbahnhof, so we had to run and drag ... Friday, 12 November 2010
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